The department of interior solutions is an organized department made up of well trained professionals responsible for all interior works executed by Inocon Gh Ltd Since setting high standards for our competitors by providing excellent services for our clients, is one of our goals, as a team we work together, sharing ideas to be able to: come up with designs that best fits the purpose of the space to be worked on.

We provide excellent advise services on materials to be used taking into consideration the purpose of the space. Supply and install carefully selected environmentally friendly materials. Due to our achievement of providing excellent services we are highly recommended by our clients.

Ceiling Systems
It’s the first class suspended ceiling systems from Lafarge and USG products. Under the Lafarge ceiling system there are three kinds namely:

  • Gridlock Ceiling System
  • Pregybel Acoustic Ceilings
  • Jumbo Ceiling Tiles
  • Raysonnd grids
  • Inocon grids

Partition Systems
It’s the high fire rated partition systems suitable for offices,schools, industries and commercial structures. Under the partitioning system there are five kinds namely:

  • Maclock Partition System
  • Finesse Partition System
  • Spacewall
  • Toilet Partition
  • Demountable Partitions
  • Glazing partition

Is a product of modern technology, consisting of an aerated gypsum core and firmly bonded on both sides, with a special plasterboard liner rendering a smooth, beautiful yet highly functional surface.

Under the plasterboard we have two kinds namely:

  • Jumbo Plasterboard
  • Rhino Plasterboard
  • Knauf Plasterboard
  • Inocon Plasterboard